Yamaha XV950 Boltage Concept


There were lots of lavish techno queens unveiled at the Milan show but this retrosexual café racer concept from Yamaha also caught grabbed our attention. This is the handy work of the (unfortunately-named) Bender brothers from Germany. Raphael and Christian transformed a bog-stock XV950 into the Boltage as part of Yamaha’s ‘Yard Built’ program – a collaboration with some of the world’s best custom builders.

The Benders retained the XV’s fundamentals and used the standard engine, chassis and suspension, adding their own flavour with bespoke, in-house components. The TZ750 paint scheme finishes the job nicely.

The 947cc v-twin only churns out 50bhp and the standard XV is a humble £7,199, so the parts aren’t exactly premium. But who cares when a bike looks this good? Yamaha, please turn this concept into reality…


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