RIDE: all-new bike game released

Yep, that looks like a KTM RC8R…

The motorcycling world has been crying out for a Forza/Gran Tourismo-type computer game, and Milestone (the creators of MotoGP ’14) is on the verge of releasing one. RIDE has direct involvement and backing from all the major bike manufacturers, and a few not so major, so that means over 100 bikes and plenty of modifications to fiddle with.

Although there are a few circuits to tackle, the game is based on open roads and real world locations, with the focus on street racing. We’ll get an exclusive chance to play RIDE at the launch in Bologna next week. Judging by the screen grabs we’ve already seen, plus Milestone’s recent handy work and clever trickery involved in ensuring realism, it’s sure to be a belter.


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